PreventionGenetics selected to join Concert Genetics’ Preferred Laboratory Network

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MARSHFIELD, Wis. –With more than 150,000 genetic tests available, at least 6.9 codes per claim and thousands of medical policies1,2, it’s virtually impossible for providers and payers to keep up with the complex and ever-changing world of genetic testing. Today, PreventionGenetics joins Concert Genetics’ Preferred Laboratory Network, which brings health plans and preferred laboratories together to ensure that the quality, pricing and service information needed for decision-making is at the forefront and eases the administrative burden involved in insurance claims processing for genetic testing.

Introducing PGnome? - Whole Genome Sequencing from PreventionGenetics

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Marshfield, WI - PreventionGenetics is excited to announce the availability of their new whole genome sequencing (WGS) test, PGnome®. Prices start at only $2,490 for testing of a single patient. WGS is the ultimate germline DNA test. It is superior to exome and other genetic tests because it covers the entire genome, including deep intronic regions. WGS yields better detection of structural variants (deletions, duplications, inversion and translocations of DNA sequence) and improved analysis of tandem repeats and paralogous regions. Furthermore, WGS is essential for assessing disease risk and prevention using polygenic risk algorithms.