New PGnome Sequencing Backbone Available

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We recently released an option for our pre-defined panels to be run on a PGnome® (genome) sequencing backbone. But you may be wondering … what’s a backbone?

DNA Banking in the Funeral Home Setting

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The last thing many people want to think about is their own mortality, which often leaves their families to deal with funeral planning, expenses and, sometimes, unresolved medical decisions. They turn to you as a resource in their time of grief. As a funeral director, your interaction with families during a time of loss is their last opportunity to preserve a loved one’s DNA.

Genetic Testing for Kidney Disorders

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Inherited kidney diseases have an overall prevalence of ~6-8 in 10,000 births in the United States and Europe, and accounts for up to 37% of adults with renal diseases (Cocchi et al. 2020. PubMed ID: 32646915; Connaughton et al. 2019. PubMed ID: 30773290; Lata et al. 2018. PubMed ID: 29204651). Obtaining an early diagnosis for kidney disease is important for establishing optimal maintenance and treatment plans for patients and their families, which is why genetic testing has been increasingly integrated into clinical practice.