Introducing Patient Prompt Pay Discount

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In an effort to make genetic testing more accessible, we’re now offering a Patient Prompt Pay (self-pay) discount of 10% if payment is received in full when we receive the test requisition form (TRF). 

How to Select Patient Prompt Pay

The total price and the Patient Prompt Pay price for a test can be found in the ordering options section or our test descriptions.

When placing the order if patient self-pay is desired and credit card information is supplied on the paper TRF or uploaded as part of a portal order, we will process the payment with the prompt pay discount applied. A personal check accompanying an order for the prompt pay discount amount will also be accepted. Please note, payment in full must be received with the TRF to receive this discount. 

If payment has not been received by the time the report is ready to go out, we will release the report and we will invoice the responsible individual without the discount. The Patient Prompt Pay (self-pay) discount is not available for orders billed to insurance or for orders where insurance billing is being pursued.

PreventionGenetics’ mission is to deliver clinical genetic testing of the highest quality at fair prices with exemplary service to people around the world.

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