Targeted Testing

Targeted Variants (Test #100, 200, 300, 990, 1400)

We offer single (Test Code 100), double (Test Code 200), or triple (Test Code 300) variant sequencing for any of the genes on our test menu. Prenatal testing (Test Code 990) is also available; for more information click here. Targeted testing (PCR and/or FISH) of relatives of patients who had copy number testing (del/dup studies via aCGH or chromosomal microarray studies (CMA)) at PreventionGenetics is available via Test Code 1400.


Candidates for this test are:

  • Family members who may have familial pathogenic variants.
  • Patients wishing to confirm research results.
  • Setting phase of variants.
  • Clarifying interpretation of variants.

Test #100, 200, 300, 990

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