Re-analysis Policy (WES/WGS)

All PGxome®, whole exome sequencing (WES), and PGnome®, whole genome sequencing (WGS), tests include one free re-analysis within 3 years of the report date.

How to Order

Re-analysis can be ordered for PGnome® or PGxome® via paper TRF or through our portal, myPrevent. A fee of $590 will be charged for any re-analysis ordered after 3 years.

When ordering re-analysis, please note that order structures can change for an additional fee. If you ordered Patient Only originally but now want a Trio performed, we can accommodate this. Order the test as it was ordered before and make sure to note the following:

  • Under the 'Enter Patient' tab of the requisition, be sure to select 'yes' when asked if the patient has been tested at PreventionGenetics before in the 'Patient History' section.
  • Make sure to list that a specimen has already been sent to PreventionGenetics. This prompts our team that a new order has been placed for a sample that's already in-house so they can get started right away.
  • Please note in the comment section that this order is for re-analysis.

TRF Orders

If ordering via TRF, please use the PGxome®/PGnome® test requisition form and indicate the applicable test code on the form, along with any desired secondary findings. Please note, for re-analysis of PGxome® or PGnome® tests, if secondary findings differ from what was previously ordered, these may be subject to a fee and billing information will be required.

If the new order does not differ from the original order, please make a note that this is a no-charge re-analysis.

TRFs can be found here:

Portal Orders

If you'd like to order re-analysis through the portal, please order it as if you were ordering a PGxome® or PGnome® test. Be sure to select 'yes' when asked if the sample has already shipped. This is our internal flag to process orders for samples that we have in house.

To complete the order, please provide any new clinical information or updates for the patient.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions when ordering your patients' re-analysis. Our team can be reached via chat, phone or email and would love to help.

Additional Information

A re-analysis typically takes 5-7 weeks; however, this may take longer if additional lab work is needed.* We typically do not need a new sample and can check if sufficient DNA remains from the original test, but a new sample can be submitted to err on the side of caution.

The ordering provider for the re-analysis does not need to be the same as the original ordering provider. We do require a new order noting the re-analysis and applicable test code. Additional clinical information or clinic notes should be sent with the order.

CPT Codes

Whole Exome Sequencing Reanalysis: 81417

Whole Genome Sequencing Reanalysis: 81427

Rapid/Prenatal Re-Analyses

If you originally ordered a Prenatal WES or Rapid WES/WGS the re-analysis can be ordered rapid at no additional cost.

Changes to Your Test Structure

Test ordering structure can differ from the original order, but you will incur a fee. For example, if you originally ordered individual testing, but would like re-analysis done for a Trio, a fee will be charged. You should use the appropriate new test code, denote re-analysis in the billing section along with the payment information.

*data on file