Turnaround Time (TAT)

At PreventionGenetics, we value the patient's need for fast turnaround time (TAT) of HIGH QUALITY genetic testing results. We continuously implement strategies and process improvements that decrease TAT yet maintain the high quality you have come to expect from PreventionGenetics.

Shown below are our current TATs by method indicating when the great majority (80%) of our tests are completed:


Method TAT Notes
NextGen Sequencing 28 days
Sanger sequencing 18 days
Targeted variants 18 days
Prenatal Targeted Variants 8-10 days
STAT Sanger sequencing 8 days If we are unable to complete STAT Sanger sequencing requests within 10 days, STAT surcharge will be waived.
Repeat Primed PCR Tests 20 days
Del/dup via aCGH 28 days
STAT del/dup via aCGH 8 days We will only charge STAT surcharge if testing is completed within 10 days.
Del/dup via MLPA 20 days
Chromosomal Microarray 20 days
PGxome 6 weeks

We prioritize all testing related to ongoing pregnancies in order to get the results out as quickly as possible. Please alert us if your testing is for situations of extreme clinical urgency.

In cases where we experience technical difficulties with specimen performance or determine that additional chemistries are needed to clarify results, our TAT may be extended to ensure that we get the test right. At PreventionGenetics, we do not sacrifice quality for the sake of TAT.