Extract and Hold

Test #14033

Healthcare providers can order an extract and hold service allowing them time to determine the appropriate germline testing strategy.

About This Service

What is it?

Healthcare providers can now request 'extract and hold' of a sample ahead of a clinical test order for $300, which will be credited to any future test if performed at PreventionGenetics within one year.

Why offer this?

Today, genomic testing is available at PreventionGenetics, and we can reanalyze past results as indications change. Genomic sequencing data can be used in the future for reanalysis; that ability, along with the extract and hold option, allows flexibility in future DNA diagnostics.

This service

The extract and hold option will cost $300 if a clinical test is not ordered at the time of sample submission. We will process the sample and hold the DNA until a clinical test is ordered (within one year) in which case the previously charged $300 will be applied to the clinical test ordered at PreventionGenetics. While the DNA sample will be held until a test is ordered, please note that this is not meant to be a long-term storage option. Accordingly, we cannot make long-term guarantees on sample retention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you order this?

Order through our portal, myPrevent, or our Standard Test Requisition Form. The test code is 14033.

How is extract and hold billed?

Institutional bill or patient self-pay.

What samples are suitable for extract and hold?

We are able to accept samples that are validated for our clinical testing. See our Specimen Requirements & Shipping page. Also, please note that not all sample types are validated for every testing method. For example, saliva and buccal samples are not currently validated for tests performed on a whole genome platform.

Extract and hold is not suitable for cell culture or karyotypes. If you need those methods, consider ordering cell culture first.

What about postmortem samples?

See our Specimen Requirements & Shipping page for details on postmortem specimens.

How much does the extract and hold service cost?

$300. This amount will be credited to any test ordered from PreventionGenetics within 12 months of when specimen is received.

How long will you retain a DNA specimen that is extracted and held?

The intent of the extract and hold service is to allow testing in the near future. Since we cannot make long-term guarantees on sample retention, we encourage providers to order testing as soon as they determine what is medically indicated.

The $300 payment will be credited towards any test requests that are received within 1 year of the extraction date.

What about New York samples?

When a test order is received from a qualified healthcare provider, we will require the standard NY paperwork. We do not need special consent for an extract and hold request.

How can I get more information about this service?

Please contact us with questions.