Clinical trials are controlled research studies developed with the goal of measuring a drug or intervention's safety and efficacy. They serve as a critical stepping stone in bringing life-changing therapies to market for broad-scale use, and PreventionGenetics is proud to work with many clinical trial sponsors in their effort to identify patients who may be eligible for entry based on their genetic health status.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. James Weber, one of the major contributors to the Human Genome Project, PreventionGenetics has been supporting clinical trials and research initiatives since its inception. With a comprehensive test menu, multiple test methodologies and ordering options, we're able to meet you where you need to be. And the expertise, quality, and human touch we provide to every test is due to the fact that we never forget there is a patient on the other side of every sample.

Why Work With PreventionGenetics
for Your Clinical Trial and Research Needs?


We provide support across all phases of development, ranging from pre-clinical work to Phase 4 trials. Once we've decided to collaborate, we can bring concept to production in as little as two weeks, including having collection kits at study sites.


PreventionGenetics has a team of >30 laboratory genetic counselors and PhD geneticists available to support project implementation and answer your clinical questions. When you work with us, we'll work with you to design a test to meet study specifications. You can even choose to customize your test on a genome or exome backbone.


With one of the biggest test menus in the market, we have molecular and cytogenetic test solutions for the majority of inherited disease indications.

Global Presence

The majority of the clinical trials PreventionGenetics is supporting are international, with sites in the US, EU, Middle East, South America, and Pacific-Asia. Our reach continues to grow, and we've accepted samples from 84 countries across the globe.


As a leader in genetic testing for rare disease PreventionGenetics has the capability to support clinical trials for nearly all germline (inherited) diseases. PreventionGenetics clinical trial support includes:

  • The ability to customize testing strategies to tailor analyses to your study's needs.The ability to customize testing strategies to tailor analyses to your study's needs.
  • Logistical support to navigate the implementation and operational requirements of your project.
  • Clinical expertise to provide education, guidance, and awareness around the gene or condition-of interest
  • A clinician letter service to bring awareness to healthcare providers of your clinical study to clinicians managing patients with rare disease.

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