PreventionGenetics' Coronavirus Emergency Update 

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PreventionGenetics continues to work hard to serve the patients throughout these challenging times. We have implemented many measures to keep our employees safe. Despite the difficulties, we remain fully operational and are meeting (or exceeding) average turnaround times.

How to Order Saliva Kits

Support for Telemedicine
Many genetics centers across the country have implemented measures to see patients remotely. We are pleased to support and work with telehealth services. We accept saliva specimens for the great majority of our tests. A full list is available on our specimen and shipping requirements page. Saliva kits can be shipped directly to patients’ homes. Instructions for sending kits to patients can be found here.

Newly Released and Updated Tests
Our team of medical genetics experts understand the importance of being able to find the right test for your patients. That’s why they’re always working hard on curating new tests and making updates to existing panels. We are pleased to announce that we’ve recently released numerous new tests and updated several of our existing panels.

New Panels
Bone Fragility and Fracture
Disorders of Copper Metabolism
Familial Chylomicronemia
Familial Partial Lipodystrophy
Galloway-Mowat Syndrome
Generalized, Partial and Atypical Lipodystophy
Hemolytic Anemia
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Severe Combined Immunodeficiency
Top 99 Genetic Causes of Developmental Delay
Wilms Tumor


Updated Panels
Hereditary Hearing Loss and Deafness
Inborn Errors of Immunity/Primary Immunodeficiency
Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY)
Nephrotic Syndrome | Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
Osteogenesis Imperfecta
Parkinson Disease and Parkinsonism

Coming Soon
Mitochondrial genome sequencing options for PGxome and PGnome tests.

Updated Exome Reanalysis Policy
As additional information becomes available, it is often useful to reanalyze sequence data from a previous exome test. We recently updated our exome policy to allow for sequencing data to be reanalyzed and reinterpreted once within 3 years from the date of the original test report at no cost. PreventionGenetics will continue to retain sequencing data indefinitely.

Live Chat
To help serve our clients at this critical time, we’ve extended the live chat availability through our website.  When we are available, the live chat icon will be visible on the bottom right of our website. 

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To access our support team via chat, click on the chat icon and submit your information through the pop-up chat window. The live chat is HIPAA compliant and offers secure file upload.

PreventionGenetics' Care Package
We would like to provide our clients a small token of our appreciation during this difficult time.

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Sign up for a PreventionGenetics' Care Package

Our care package includes a couple comfort items (i.e. a pair of DNA-themed socks and a bag clip), a few essentials to help you work from the office or at home (i.e. a pen, notepad, and a webcam cover), and some information on recent updates at PreventionGenetics.