PreventionGenetics' Coronavirus Emergency Update 

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During this time of crisis, many genetics centers across the country are implementing measures to see patients remotely and to limit access for patients with non-critical needs. Our laboratory resources are being focused on medically urgent cases including very sick children in NICUs/PICUs, patients undergoing cancer treatments, pregnant patients, and others who are depending on us. 

Although we have taken extensive precautions to keep our staff safe, we are fully operational and will continue to meet your turnaround time requirements. Please note, turnaround times are based on when the specimen reaches our lab. Our shipping department can send saliva kits directly to patient’s homes. Kit orders may be placed here.

We’ll continue to serve you and your patients during this crisis

Saliva Kit Instructions for Healthcare Providers 

   ● Complete an order for testing in one of two ways.  
       ○  Place order on myPrevent.  
       ○  Fill out a paper test requisition form (TRF).  
   ● Send us the portal order summary page or a copy of the TRF via 
       ○  Email (, subject “saliva kit request”). 
       ○  Fax (715-406-4175). 
       ○  Live Chat
   ● Include the patient's home address with a note requesting a saliva kit to be sent to the patient's home.  
   ● Once we receive the request, we will ship the kit and a copy of the order to the patient’s home.  
   ● If the sample is not returned to us in two weeks, we will reach out to the ordering/requesting provider.  

Live Chat

To help serve our clients at this critical time, we’ve extended the live chat availability through our website.  When we are available, the live chat icon will be visible on the bottom right of our website. 

chat icon

To access our support team via chat, click on the chat icon and submit your information through the pop-up chat window. The live chat is HIPAA compliant and offers secure file upload.