Online DNA Banking in a few easy steps

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DNA Banking just got easier. Patients can now order and submit payment online in a few easy steps. Providers can also assist their patients with banking and receive confirmation when the process is complete.  No more worrying about lost or incomplete paperwork, or tracking down payments. The online ordering system collects all required information for DNA banking, including specimen kit selection. Depositors have the choice to receive either a blood or saliva kit. Other specimen types are also accepted for DNA banking, but kits are not provided (see acceptable specimen types for more details). Get started today.

Watch our video for a short tutorial of the new online DNA Banking system:

About DNA Banking

DNA Banking is the secure storage of an individual’s genetic material for future analysis and testing. PreventionGenetics stores banked DNA for a minimum of 50 years. Once banked, only the individual or authorized representative(s) may withdraw the DNA. DNA banked at PreventionGenetics can be tested at PreventionGenetics, or sent to another lab.

Reasons to Bank DNA

Optimal interpretation of a patient’s DNA sequence requires clinical and DNA information from family members, including deceased relatives.

An individual’s DNA is available now. Don’t let the opportunity to store genetic information pass.

Give your patients the best chance to utilize future advances in medicine and genetic testing.

Insurance won’t cover genetic testing for a terminally ill patient.

End of life is near and there is little time for genetic testing.

For sudden death, see our post mortem banking resources.