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Specimen Types for DNA Banking

Specimen Type Kit Provided? Description Notes Shipping Included?
Blood Yes Whole blood in EDTA (lavender top) tubes
Whole blood in ACD (yellow top) tubes
(Up to 20 milliliters)
Preferred sample type Yes
Saliva Yes Two milliliters of saliva (less than a teaspoon). Saliva must be in our approved saliva collection device which is included with the kit. While acceptable, note that blood samples have higher DNA yield and quality than saliva samples. It is strongly recommended that a blood sample be used for DNA Banking. Yes
Post-Mortem Sample
(for further details, click here)
No Freshly collected tissue (heart, liver, spleen, kidney, or any other lean muscle tissue). Specimen size should be no larger than a lima bean (1 cm X 3 cm). Place in sturdy container and frozen within minutes after collection (Preferably at -80 degrees C and shipped on dry ice with overnight delivery). Should not be sent for Saturday arrival. No
Fetal Specimens No Contact Us Contact Us (Maternal Specimen Recommended for contamination studies) No
Cultured Cells No Contact Us Contact Us No

There is no extra charge for maternal cell contamination (MCC) studies. Please include a maternal blood sample with the fetal specimen clearly labeled with mother’s name, date of birth, and "MCC" on the blood tube.