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Why Bank DNA?

There Are Not Enough Words To Describe The Value Of DNA Banking
DNA Banking Is Hope
The Value Of DNA Banking Is 'Priceless'

"There are not enough words to describe the value of DNA banking. It allowed me to test my son's DNA so I could test my other son's and grandchildren's DNA to see if they were at risk for heart disease."

"Our oldest daughter passed away unexpectedly in September 2013. She was one week shy of turning seven years old.....DNA banking is a hope for a family that someday the medical community may be able to provide closure to a family who has lost a loved one mysteriously."

"In addition to planning for the financial future of my family by completing a will and buying life insurance, I wanted to make sure my children and family have access to DNA samples for as many people in my family as possible. This is just as important as planning for their financial security. I would say that the value of DNA banking is 'priceless'."

Reasons For DNA Banking

Leave A Legacy

Your DNA Can Be Your Legacy

Recreational genetic testing is popular; learning about one's ancestry through direct-to-patient websites can be fun and interesting, but banking your DNA can be the key to preserving your genetic legacy for the next generations in your family.

Nearly everyone should consider DNA banking, especially if you are a parent or grandparent, for the following reasons.

  • We all have a family history of something. Whether high blood pressure, diabetes, or a rare genetic disorder runs in your family, none of us are exempt.
  • Medicine is advancing, and new genetic tests become available each day. As the genetics of medical conditions are better understood, opportunities to personalize medicine will become more readily available.
  • Banking your DNA will preserve your genetic legacy for the next generation in your family. It will be an investment for your family's future health.
  • Banked DNA is testable after one's death. Similar to life insurance or creating a will, banking is a way to invest in your family's future.
  • The DNA Bank at PreventionGenetics does not maintain a chain of custody.

Our testimonials provide powerful examples of the value of banking and hope for the future.

Why Choose PreventionGenetics?

We have a long history of offering high quality genetic tests and we have been banking DNA since 1996. We are experts in genetic testing and have extracted thousands of DNA samples. We are a CAP/CLIA and ISO 15189:2012 certified genetic testing facility, and quality is our top priority. We've seen the power of DNA banking first-hand and believe in its value. Doctors from around the world trust us with their patients' specimens.

Easy-to-use Kits

  • DNA Banking kits are easy-to-use and come with everything you need
  • Everything is shipped directly to you
  • Kits Include

    • One blood or saliva collection tube
    • Shipping container
    • Complete set of instructions
    • Pre-paid return postage (U.S. Only)


  • Brochures, and shipping are free
  • $169 per single person
  • DNA Banking has the potential to lower healthcare costs


  • We are experts and experienced at DNA preservation
  • Quality and security are our top priorities
  • DNA is kept at multiple secure locations
  • We store DNA for at least 50 years
  • All patient data is securely stored and kept private
  • DNA can be withdrawn for testing or destroyed upon request

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