Value has improved for our Noonan Spectrum Disorders/Rasopathies Panel

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We're excited to announce that our Noonan Spectrum Disorders/Rasopathies panel now has additional genes and a new lower price. We now offer testing for 20 genes in the RASopathy pathway. The genes on this panel were carefully selected to optimize Clinical Sensitivity while keeping VUS rates low. Equally exciting, we have reduced the cost of this panel to $640. With our continued exceptional quality along with reduced cost, the value of our panel continues to increase.

We believe in transparency. See our comprehensive Test Description for more details of our Noonan Spectrum Disorder/RASopathies panel.

Like all of our tests, our Quality & Value sets us apart from competitors. Dr. Khemissa Bejaoui has extensive expertise with nearly a decade of experience in variant interpretation of the RASopathy pathway. She has studied hundreds of variants in the pathway resulting in top quality interpretations. Her goal is to "improve patient care and quality of life, through accurate and early diagnosis". 

It is our commitment to bring high quality tests to all your patients. For this NextGen sequencing panel, we typically see average coverage of about 300x, with a minimum acceptable coverage of 20x. We backfill with Sanger sequencing for any low coverage or non-unique regions. Further, all pathogenic likely pathogenic and uncertain variant calls are confirmed by Sanger sequencing, allowing more cost-effective family follow-up through Targeted Testing.

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