Preventiongenetics Leaps Ahead With Custom Panels 

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Preventiongenetics Leaps Ahead With Custom Panels 

Marshfield, WI – March 14, 2017 – PreventionGenetics is pleased to announce the launch of customizable genetic testing panels. Using whole exome sequencing technology, healthcare providers can order any subset from the list of >5,000 clinically relevant, or disease-causing, genes. The innovative approach of Custom Panels provides a new level of flexibility in genetic testing.

Due to Next-Generation (NGS) sequencing technology, many whole exome based tests have gaps in coverage. Custom Panels can be enhanced to achieve complete coverage. In addition, many clinically relevant genes are present in two or more copies in the human genome with a high degree of sequence similarity. These paralogous genes often cannot be accurately sequenced using standard NGS technologies. “At PreventionGenetics, we have carefully constructed a list of paralogous genes using multiple informatics approaches,” said James Weber, PhD, Founder and President of PreventionGenetics. “In many cases we have validated an accurate sequencing test for a paralogous gene using a different method or combination of methods.”

An online web-based tool (Custom Panel Tool) displays pricing, CPT, OMIM Identification number, coverage and notes about paralogy information.

According to the National Institutes of Health, Precision Medicine “is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in environment, lifestyle and genes for each person”. ( Custom Panels, genetic testing panels can be tailored to fit the patients’ specific needs. However, in cases where the custom panel does not yield a diagnosis, clients have the option to reflex to whole exome sequencing.

 About Prevention Genetics:

Founded in 2004 and located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, PreventionGenetics is a CLIA and ISO 15189:2012 accredited clinical DNA testing laboratory. PreventionGenetics provides patients with sequencing and deletion/duplication tests for nearly all clinically relevant genes.  These tests include our powerful and comprehensive whole exome sequencing test, PGxome® 


PreventionGenetics also offers DNA Banking (PGDNABank), a long-term storage of a person’s DNA. DNA Banking is available direct-to-consumer. We invite you to visit our DNA Banking website.