Prenatal Whole Exome Testing at PreventionGenetics

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PreventionGenetics is pleased to offer a full menu of prenatal genetic tests, including whole exome sequencing - Prenatal PGxome®. Because of the urgent nature of prenatal testing, we have expedited turnaround times, Prenatal PGxome results are reported within 14 days. Our prenatal testing is diagnostic and requires specific criteria for testing such as abnormal ultrasound findings or a known familial variant. For all prenatal tests, a signed Healthcare Provider’s Statement is required.

Prenatal PGxome®
Prenatal PGxome is whole exome sequencing with a turnaround time of 14 days. This test is available for ongoing pregnancies where there is indication of fetal anomaly, such as abnormal ultrasound findings

Test Code Test Type Price
14010 Patient Only $2,860
14012 Family - Duo $3,360
14013 Family - Trio $3,590

        ● Results are reported within 14 days.

        ● The PGxome assesses almost all genes from the human genome including coding regions and adjacent introns. 

        ● CNV analysis is included in all PGxome® tests.

        ● Maternal cell contamination (MCC) testing is included in the price.

        ● At least one parental specimen is required for all prenatal tests for quality control.

        ● PreventionGenetics offers cell culturing for $250 extra. Test Code #995.

        ● Secondary findings are NOT available with prenatal exomes.

        ● One reanalysis is available for no cost, up to three years from the date of original report.

To order Prenatal PGxome, please use the Prenatal test requisition form.

Prenatal Targeted Familial Variant Testing
Test #990 - $990

        ● Turnaround time - 8 days on average.

        ● Familial variants must be known in advance from testing of parents, affected siblings, or other relatives. 

        ● Variants must be confirmed at PreventionGenetics in the parents and/or proband.

        ● At least one parent specimen is required for all prenatal tests.

Cell Cultures
To aid in the testing process, PreventionGenetics offers cell culture (test #995) from direct amniotic fluid, chorionic villus sample (CVS) and fresh tissue. The cost of cell culture is $250 and takes approximately two weeks. If cell culture is desired, please contact us prior to specimen collection to request a cell culture kit.

Additional Prenatal Tests
In addition to the tests listed above, we also offer nearly all of our full gene sequencing, panels, and single gene tests via aCGH for prenatal cases when there is an indication (ultrasound or other) of a fetal anomaly. Please see our prenatal page for details.