Prenatal Testing at PreventionGenetics

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PreventionGenetics offers a full menu of prenatal genetic tests. These diagnostic tests require specific criteria. PreventionGenetics does NOT offer prenatal screening but can use prior screening results to help choose the proper prenatal testing. We currently offer the following prenatal testing for ongoing pregnancies:

• Chromosomal microarray (CMA)

• Known familial variant

• Full gene

• Various Panels

• PGxome® Prenatal test

Specimen Types

Certain specimens are required to complete testing and acceptable types are dependent on the fetal testing requested. These specimens include:

• Fetal DNA

• Fetal tissue

• Cultured fetal cells

• Direct CVS/amniotic fluid

Retention of a back-up culture is required for NextGen Sequencing requests and is strongly recommended for other prenatal testing requests. Fetal cell cultures are available from direct amniotic fluid, chorionic villi, or products of conception (POC). 

Additional Prenatal Testing Information

Given the delicate nature of genetic testing in this context, we will only accept the following indications for testing: 

• Fetal anomaly identified through abnormal prenatal screening, testing, or ultrasound findings

• Known familial variant(s) classified as a VUS or higher

• For CMA orders: advanced maternal age (AMA)

• High-risk NIPS or maternal prenatal serum screening result

• When invasive fetal testing is or has already been performed

If you have any questions before or during the ordering process, please contact our team to discuss your prenatal test order.


Because of the urgent nature of prenatal testing, turnaround times are expedited. Selecting prenatal testing defaults the order to STAT in our ordering system. For more information about TAT, please see the individual test descriptions.

Cell culture can be added to the order using test code #995. 

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