Celebrating 20 Years of Improving Lives Through Genetic Testing

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Our Beginnings

In 2003, a landmark achievement was reached as an international group of scientists successfully completed the mapping of the human genome. This groundbreaking work unveiled the intricate biological blueprint of humanity, marking the dawn of a transformative era in biomedical exploration.

Just a year later, in the wake of this monumental breakthrough, PreventionGenetics was founded by Dr. James Weber, a distinguished research scientist and significant figure in the Human Genome Project. PreventionGenetics emerged from a singular vision: harnessing the power of genetic testing to detect disease-causing variants.

This year marks an exceptional milestone as we celebrate two decades of improving lives through genetic testing! Over the past twenty years, our journey has been one of significant progress and innovation.

Over the Years

When it comes to understanding patients' health risks, we say knowledge is power. Our aim at PreventionGenetics is to arm healthcare providers with the information needed to deliver the most effective care possible to patients. We offer a comprehensive test menu with multiple test methodologies and ordering options.

At our CLIA and ISO 15189:2012 accredited laboratory we’re staffed with a team of genetics experts, including PhD geneticists and genetic counselors. The expertise, quality, and human touch we provide to every test is because we never forget there is a patient on the other side of every sample.

Carmen Noller, Senior Supervisor, LDT and Clinical Support, has been with us since the beginning. Carmen came to PreventionGenetics shortly after the lab was opened. Carmen worked with Dr. Weber at his previous employer and stayed throughout the years. When asked what’s made her stay, Carmen stated:

“I have had the opportunity to meet many new coworkers over the course of time and have been blessed over and over again with the level of knowledge and kindness I've encountered in my colleagues at PreventionGenetics.  Also, Marshfield has been a beautiful community to raise my children.  We feel safe here and live in a subdivision where children play football in the streets and there are walking/biking trails for miles and a small park right behind my house.  My commute is all of 7 miles roundtrip per day and a very easygoing few minutes to and from work each day.”

Dr. Kym Bliven, our mitochondrial disorders specialist, has been with PreventionGenetics for 8 years. Dr. Bliven provides a great summary of the changes the lab has seen just in the last decade:

“When I started, next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing was just taking off at PreventionGenetics - and it was significantly more time-consuming to go through a case than it is now! I've been here to witness the rollout of both whole exome and whole genome testing, as well as mitochondrial genome testing; all of these changes have been exciting to see for us and our clients.”

The Future

The genetics industry is ever-evolving and there’s constantly new and exciting improvements. When asked what he’s most excited for in the future, Dr. Tony Krentz, VP of Laboratory Operations, responded:

“We are seeing more ordering providers start with exome and genome testing, which results in more genetic diagnoses earlier.  I look forward to our services being accessible to all.”   

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