Introducing Rapid PGxomeⓇ

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PreventionGenetics is excited to introduce Rapid PGxome to our menu of whole exome sequencing (WES) tests. Rapid PGxome is WES with an expedited average turnaround time of 14 days. Our Rapid PGxome is ideal for situations where a rapid diagnosis is essential, typically patients with neonatal, infantile or early childhood onset severe disorders.

Skip the CMA, Exome-Wide CNV Analysis Now Available at PreventionGenetics

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At PreventionGenetics, all next generation sequencing (NGS) panels include CNV detection for the genes within the panel. We are now pleased to announce an expanded option for PGxome-based defined and custom panels:  Exome-Wide CNV Analysis. PreventionGenetics’ Exome-Wide CNV Analysis uses exome sequencing data to identify chromosomal imbalances similar to those detected by CMA. The genes from the selected panel receive the same CNV analysis as previously offered (CNVs of four or more exons are detected with sensitivity greater than 95%); with the Exome-Wide CNV Analysis added, the remainder of the exome is analyzed for CNVs as well.

Enhancing Your Experience with Us - Introducing myPrevent Support Portal

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At PreventionGenetics customer service has always been important to us. We have been working hard to make it even better. On October 21, all your online communication will be handled using our new streamlined support process.

PreventionGenetics' Partnership with the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative

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PreventionGenetics has partnered with the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative to perform clinical confirmations for variants identified in the largest autism research study known as SPARK.  The goal of SPARK is to enroll over 50,000 families impacted by ASD to further understand the genetic mechanisms behind this condition.  To learn more about SPARK, click here. 

Because of this partnership, PreventionGenetics is at the forefront of autism genetics research.  We use this knowledge and expertise to keep our gene lists for our autism and intellectual disability tests exceptionally current.  We also offer custom panels which allow clients to choose their exact gene set.  To learn more about our testing options, click here.