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Full Guide

Custom Panel - Basic Guide

  1. There are three easy ways to build your panel:
    • Search by Phenotype or Gene: enter in HUGO gene name or a phenotype to get started
    • Search by Category: to see our phenotypes of grouped genes
    • Select Full Phenotype List: to see all of our preset phenotypes
  2. Select "Add" or "Add All" to add gene(s) to your cart.
  3. Review the average coverage details and any notes to determine if Enhance option is desired. If so, select "Enhance."
  4. Note that the bottom of your screen will display genes within your cart. Genes highlighted orange are those that have been enhanced. Pricing calculator will update automatically.
  5. Once your gene list is complete, choose "Proceed to Reviewing Order" button in bottom right corner.
  6. Continue to completing your order within our online portal, myPrevent, or add a patient identifier in the top right box to print a hardcopy of your order to send in with your hardcopy Test Requisition Form, ordering Test Code #6000.

Specimen Types

Whole Blood

Collect 3 ml-5 ml of whole blood in EDTA (purple top tube) or ACD (yellow top tube), minimum 1 ml for small infants.


OrageneTM Saliva Collection kit used according to manufacturer instructions.


Send in screw cap tube at least 10 μg of purified DNA at a concentration of at least 50 μg/ml (indicate concentration on tube label).

Fresh, Frozen Tissue:

Collect 2mm x 2mm x 2mm tissue and flash freeze. Tissue to be sent frozen (preferably dry ice). Please contact us for additional details.

Cultured Cells

Specimen requirements: Ship at least two T25 flasks of confluent cells.
Storage and shipping: T25 flasks need to be shipped in appropriate complete culture medium filled to the brim. Ship T25 flasks at room temperature in an insulated container once 90% confluency is reached and by overnight delivery.


Add a Gene List

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