PreventionGenetics announces integration with FDNA's deep learning platform, Face2Gene to increase the diagnostic power of genetic testing

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November 29, 2017, Marshfield, WI – PreventionGenetics today announces integration of their genetic testing and interpretation services with FDNA’s ( Face2Gene suite of applications ( 

The integration with Face2Gene increases the diagnostic power of PreventionGenetics’ genetic testing using artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, which highlights genetic variants that are highly correlated with disease and the patient’s clinical phenotype. 

PreventionGenetics Releases Genetic Tests for Infertility

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Marshfield, WI – PreventionGenetics has launched new genetic tests for both female and male infertility. Infertility affects 10-20% of couples worldwide and is generally attributed to males and females equally. It is estimated that genetic abnormalities including both chromosomal and single-gene alterations can account for up to 30% of cases of infertility (Hotaling 2014).

PreventionGenetics Receives New York License for Genetic Tests  

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PreventionGenetics, LLC has received a New York State Department of Health license.  The company has long held Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and International Organization for Standards (ISO) 15189:2012 accreditations, allowing clinical genetic testing on human specimens in the United States and internationally. A few states, including New York, require additional licensure.  

Preventiongenetics Leaps Ahead With Custom Panels 

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Marshfield, WI – March 14, 2017 – PreventionGenetics is pleased to announce the launch of customizable genetic testing panels. Using whole exome sequencing technology, healthcare providers can order any subset from the list of ~4,500 clinically relevant, or disease-causing, genes. The innovative approach of Custom Panels provides a new level of flexibility in genetic testing.

Preventiongenetics Launches Cutting-Edge Genetic Test, Benefiting Reproductive And Healthy Patients

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Marshfield, WI – February 9, 2017 – PreventionGenetics has launched newly expanded PGxome®, whole exome sequencing tests. In addition to affordable diagnostic whole exome testing, PGxome Health Screen is now available for individuals seeking carrier status, enhancing preconception and prenatal carrier screening options.  The test is also offered to healthy people seeking susceptibility information for adult onset conditions.