Preventiongenetics Leaps Ahead With Custom Panels 

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Marshfield, WI – March 14, 2017 – PreventionGenetics is pleased to announce the launch of customizable genetic testing panels. Using whole exome sequencing technology, healthcare providers can order any subset from the list of ~4,500 clinically relevant, or disease-causing, genes. The innovative approach of Custom Panels provides a new level of flexibility in genetic testing.

March is National Kidney Month

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March is National Kidney Month and with kidney disease in the top 10 for leading causes of death in the US, Kidney Month is about awareness of kidney disease and risk factors for disease.


There are many types of hereditary renal diseases, including: Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and Nephronophthisis. Early diagnosis for any type of kidney disease is important for establishing maintenance and treatment plans.

President's Corner - Paralogous Genes

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One of the greatest technical challenges facing clinical DNA testing labs these days is sequencing of genes that are present in more than one copy in the haploid genome.  Such genes are often called paralogs.  Perhaps the toughest situation is a functional gene adjacent to a pseudogene with nearly identical sequence and with sequence similarity extending throughout both exons and introns.  Such genes are susceptible to gene conversion events, production of hybrids between the functional gene and pseudogene and copy number variations in the functional gene.  Testing such genes is very complicated.  My strong hunch is that no clinical lab today does a perfect job of assaying such genes.

March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month: The Ties that Bind –
The Red Tie Challenge

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March 2016 observed the first Red Tie Challenge initiative started by the National Hemophilia Foundation. The challenge involves recording your best red tie look and challenging others to do the same,using a social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter. It was started with the hope of raising awareness about the severity of bleeding disorders and to highlight their lack of proper treatment in most parts of the world. A red tie was chosen to represent this movement because red symbolizes blood, and the tie ‘binds’ us with each other.  Get that red tie out of the closet this month and show your support! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see how PreventionGenetics employees are participating in the Red Tie Challenge throughout the month.


Types of Inherited Bleeding Disorders

Inherited Bleeding Disorders (IBD) are due to an inability to form blood clots with symptoms ranging from life threatening bleeds to only excessive bleeding following trauma or surgery.

PreventionGenetics Leaps Ahead with Custom Panels

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You already know PreventionGenetics for expert sequencing of individual genes and defined panels.  You may also know that we provide one of the most powerful and cost effective whole exome sequencing tests, PGxome®. PreventionGenetics is now pleased to announce that we are offering custom panels based on whole exome sequencing.  Any subset of genes can be ordered from the list of >5,000 clinically relevant genes.  In addition, because of our unsurpassed expertise with Sanger sequencing, Custom Panels can be enhanced to achieve complete coverage when necessary.