Here for Your Smallest, Most Critical Patients: Introducing our Neonatal Crisis Panel

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For your smallest patients in the most dire of circumstances, PreventionGenetics announces our new Neonatal Crisis panel. This panel includes both sequencing and copy number variant (CNV) analysis of 1155 genes associated with disorders with severe neonatal or early childhood onset

PreventionGenetics Laboratory Stewardship - Insurance Advocacy at its Best

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At PreventionGenetics we try to go above and beyond to help patients get the insurance coverage they deserve.  We recently discovered an important issue with our Medicare Local Coverage Determination (LCD) L35000 that governs genetic testing for WI, MN and IL.  Claims for BRCA1/2 testing (CPT Code 81162) submitted to the contractor that covers this 3 state region would be denied unless the patient was assigned one of two specific breast cancer ICD-10 codes.

We’ve done a complete overhaul of our hereditary cancer test menu

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We are pleased to introduce highlights to our new cancer testing menu:

Reduced pricing 
Improvements in laboratory technologies allow us to pass along savings to the patient.  Most of our cancer tests are now available for $540.

New buccal specimen collection kits available

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PreventionGenetics has new buccal kits available.  

Our new kits are easy to use and require only one swab.

To order our new buccal kits, complete our Online Kit Order Form.

For full specimen requirement infomation, see our specimen requirements page.


President's Corner - Exome Tests are Not All the Same

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Many think that exome sequencing tests from different labs are basically the same and that the only important differentiator is price. In reality, exome (and genome) sequencing tests vary greatly among labs.