New Features and Benefits of PGxomeⓇ Custom Panels 

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PGxome Custom Panels are PreventionGenetics’ whole exome-based sequencing panels that are fully customizable to fit your patients’ personalized needs. Any subset of nearly 5,000 clinically relevant genes on our test menu may be chosen. Reduced pricing, added features, and flexible test building options enhance quality and value for you and your patients. The innovative approach of PGxome Custom Panels provides a new level of flexibility in genetic testing.

President's Corner - Accessible Patient Data 

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Data must be saved even after a patient leaves a health care system and even after the patient dies. Data on individual patients from different health care systems must be combined. And the data must be available to health care providers, testing labs, and researchers. This is indeed a huge undertaking, and progress in the beginning will likely be slow, but the benefits to patients are enormous.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Testing at PreventionGenetics

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Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are common, affecting approximately 1 in 68 individuals.  Both males and females are affected but the male-to-female ratio of ASDs are 4:1.  ASDs are multifactorial, with estimates ranging between 50-90% having genetic components.  The clinical presentation of Intellectual Disabilities (IDs) can overlap with ASDs. PreventionGenetics offers a variety of testing options for ASDs and Intellectual Disability.

New Simple Pricing - Most Tests $990 or Less

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Simple, low prices. High Quality. Due to internal lab efficiencies, we’re able to pass along our savings to make genetic testing even more affordable for your patients. With this new pricing structure, the great majority of tests on our menu are now priced at or below $990. 

New Features of myPrevent, PreventionGenetics' Online Test Ordering Portal

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Save time by submitting test orders through PreventionGenetics’ online ordering portal, myPrevent. Found in the upper right hand corner of our website, myPrevent now features test ordering, test status and online report retrieval. To register, click on the myPrevent icon or here.

We’ve recently made several enhancements to myPrevent. Here are just a few of the features of our system.