We’ve done a complete overhaul of our hereditary cancer test menu

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We are pleased to introduce highlights to our new cancer testing menu:

Reduced pricing 
Improvements in laboratory technologies allow us to pass along savings to the patient.  Most of our cancer tests are now available for $540.

One price, regardless of payer type 
Regardless of the nature of payment or payer, our philosophy is that the cost of testing should not be a roadblock to a patient receiving the care they need.  We strive to provide the lowest prices in the market, regardless of payer, to keep costs low not just for the patient but for the overall healthcare system.  We have one price per test and openly published on our website.  Please see our billing page for more information about institutional/provider billing, insurance billing or direct patient billing (self-pay).

New panel options 
We’ve listened and want to meet your testing needs.  New panels for prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, polyposis and melanoma are now available.

Panels that combine HBOC and Lynch 
We appreciate that your patient’s history and their family history is not always straightforward.  We are confident that we now offer several panel combinations that will meet your patient’s needs.

Tests now include Copy Number Variants, at no added cost 
Our panels are validated for copy number variants. This saves cost and time by alleviating the need for reflexive del/dup tests.

Variants confirmed by Sanger sequencing 
We understand that these results may have life-altering consequences.  As with all of our results, we confirm all pathogenic, likely pathogenic and variants of uncertain significance by Sanger sequencing to ensure the highest quality result for your patient and their family.  

Cost effective targeted variant testing for family studies
This allows for low cost family studies, typically $250.  See our targeted variant landing page for details. 

Patient resources available 
We now offer a patient guide for cancer, to help patients and their families better understand their genetic test.  For information about the guide, contact us.

Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC)
Breast Cancer - High Risk - $540
Breast Cancer - High / Moderate Risk - $540
Breast Cancer - Comprehensive Risk  - $540
HBOC - BRCA1 & BRCA2 - $540
HBOC- High Risk and Lynch Syndrome - $540
HBOC - Expanded and Lynch Syndrome - $540
Ovarian Cancer - $540

Colorectal Cancer
Colorectal Cancer - $540
Lynch Syndrome - $540
Polyposis - $540

Other Cancer Panels
Endometrial Cancer - $540
Melanoma - $540
Pancreatic Cancer - $540
Prostate Cancer - $540
Cancer Panel - $690

Full list of Cancer Panels

We look forward to meeting your cancer testing needs.

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