Some of the Best Gifts in Life Cannot be Wrapped

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With the holidays around the corner, remember that some of the best gifts in life cannot be wrapped.  Your patients plan for their family’s financial future by buying life insurance. Some have prepared a will in order to leave their assets to loved ones. These are things they can do on their own.  As their healthcare provider, they need your help to plan for the future health of their whole family.  Help them bank DNA to preserve their genetic legacy for future generations.

DNA Banking is the secure storage of an individual's DNA for future use.

Who will benefit?

All of your patients & their families could benefit from DNA banking for the following reasons: 

  • Medicine is advancing, and new genetic tests become available each week.
  • As the genetics of health problems are better understood, opportunities to personalize medicine will become more readily available.
  • Everyone has a family history of something. Whether high blood pressure, diabetes or a cancer runs in their family, nobody is exempt.
  • Banked DNA is testable after one's death. Similar to life insurance or creating a will, banking is a way to invest in a family's future.
  • Having both family history information and DNA from many individuals in a single family preserves the possibility of finding answers later in other relatives..   Click here to read compelling patient testimonials.

 The DNA Banking process is simple 

  • Patient signs a DNA Banking Agreement & pays a one-time fee ($169).
  • A small blood or saliva sample is collected and sent to lab in free DNA banking kit.
  • DNA is extracted at the laboratory and securely stored for at least 50 years at two locations.
  • Banked DNA is the depositor’s personal property, and it can only be accessed by them or their authorized representative.  

Next steps

Here’s what you can start doing today:

  • As you collect family history information from your patients, mention DNA banking.
  • Request complimentary DNA banking brochures for your waiting rooms.
  • Order a supply of free DNA banking kits to have on hand.
  • Tell your patients to contact us if they questions.  
  • Consider banking your own DNA and preserving your own family’s genetic legacy this holiday season.

Some of the best gifts in life cannot be wrapped.
Consider a gift of DNA banking for your family this holiday season!