PreventionGenetics Leaps Ahead with PGxomeTM Custom Panels

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You already know PreventionGenetics for expert sequencing of individual genes and defined panels.  You may also know that we provide one of the most powerful and cost effective whole exome sequencing tests, PGxomeTM.  PreventionGenetics is now pleased to announce that we are offering custom panels based on whole exome sequencing.  Any subset of genes can be ordered from the list of ~4,100 clinically relevant genes.  In addition, because of our unsurpassed expertise with Sanger sequencing, PGxome Custom Panels can be enhanced to achieve complete coverage when necessary.


From pricing to CPT codes to gene coverage, we have always believed in transparency.  Our new PGxome Custom Panel Tool displays this information as you are building your custom panel.  Choose exactly the genes you want sequenced, and choose the level of coverage you need.  Get started with PGxome Custom Panels.


Many clinically relevant genes are present in two or more copies in the haploid genome with a high degree of sequence similarity.  Such copies are often called paralogs or pseudogenes.  Paralogous genes often cannot be accurately sequenced using standard NextGen sequencing (NGS) technologies.


At PreventionGenetics, we have carefully constructed a list of paralogous genes using multiple informatics approaches.  In cases where we have validated an accurate sequencing test for a paralogous gene (often Sanger sequencing or a combination of Sanger and NGS), we offer these genes only via the validated test.  In cases where we have not yet validated a test, we have excluded these paralogous genes from our custom panel list. Our PGxome Custom Panels tool automatically handles these exceptions.


Knowing which genes cannot be accurately sequenced using NGS is a critical component of exome sequencing.    Part of test quality at PreventionGenetics is recognizing and addressing this problem, even if it means excluding a gene until we can come up with methods that meet our standards. When choosing a genetic testing laboratory, this is one of several important factors to consider.  


Because our custom panels are based on whole exome sequencing, in cases where the custom panel does not yield a diagnosis, clients have the option to reflex to PGxome.  The cost to reflex to an individual PGxome Diagnostic is only $990.


According to the National Institutes of Health, Precision Medicine “is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in environment, lifestyle and genes for each person” ( With PGxome Custom Panels, genetic testing panels can be tailored to fit your patients’ specific needs.


Your panel, your way. Put us to the test: PGxomeTM Custom Panels.