PreventionGenetics and KolGene partner to provide clinicians worldwide access to PreventionGenetics’ test menu

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Marshfield, WI - PreventionGenetics, a Marshfield, Wisconsin based genetic testing laboratory, has partnered with KolGene, a technology company that streamlines the process for provider ordered genetic testing from around the world.  KolGene’s responsive online platform, provides greater awareness and access to PreventionGenetics’ test offerings.


“We are excited to have PreventionGenetics added as a leading laboratory”, said Dan Faszczyk, CEO and Founder of KolGene. “With KolGene, clinicians have easier access to  PreventionGenetics’ wide offering of tests, including  PGxome™, whole exome sequencing test.  Providers receive customized offers and can manage all aspects of ordering in one place.”


PreventionGenetics is a CLIA and ISO 15189:2012 accredited lab, known as a leader in providing high quality genetic testing and has earned a solid reputation for  knowledge, integrity and professionalism. A large global contender, PreventionGenetics accepts samples from over 80 countries, with comprehensive coverage for 4,100 genes, including whole exome sequencing (PGxome™).


As the market for genomic testing continues to grow KolGene has responded with a solution allowing laboratories to tap into global opportunities and showcase their unique competitive advantages. KolGene allows the clinicians access to the global supply of genetic tests enabling them to stay up to date with the laboratories’ offerings.


“Through KolGene, we can provide immediate access to clinicians worldwide who are looking for solutions for their patients”, said Dr. James Weber, CEO and Founder.


PreventionGenetics and KolGene will both be present at the upcoming European Society of

Human Genetics (ESHG) conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, to highlight their partnership and availability of genetic testing worldwide.


About PreventionGenetics

Founded in 2004 and located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, PreventionGenetics is a CLIA and ISO 15189:2012 accredited clinical DNA testing laboratory. PreventionGenetics provides patients with sequencing and deletion/duplication tests for nearly all clinically relevant genes. These tests include our powerful and comprehensive whole exome sequencing test, PGxomeTM.  


PreventionGenetics also offers DNA Banking (PGDNABank), a long-term storage of a person’s DNA.  DNA Banking is available direct-to-consumer. We invite you to visit our DNA Banking website  


About KolGene
KolGene is a responsive online platform to streamline the ordering process and connect a global network of labs to clinicians worldwide. With KolGene, clinicians receive customized offers from the world's leading labs, and can manage all aspects of ordering the test in one place. To become an ordering clinician, view our website at