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PreventionGenetics is pleased to announce the launch of our new PGDNA Banking website! Created for the general public, is designed to help educate patients and providers about the value and process of DNA banking.

Banking DNA at PreventionGenetics can be an enormous benefit to individuals and their family members. DNA banking has the ability to lower healthcare costs, find answers to medical questions, and supply the information necessary to confirm a diagnosis. Banking DNA is the key to preserving an individual's genetic legacy for future generations in his or her family. Our hope is that through this user-friendly website we will raise awareness about DNA banking and motivate people to invest in their future health by banking their DNA. explains what DNA banking is, details the simple process of banking DNA, provides consumer testimonials, and illustrates how PreventionGenetics is a market leader for this valuable investment. Please check it out and share it with your patients, colleagues, friends, and your own family. Join us on our journey to raise awareness of DNA Banking.