New Simple Pricing - Most Tests $990 or Less

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Simple, low prices. High Quality. Due to internal lab efficiencies, we’re able to pass along our savings to make genetic testing even more affordable for your patients. With this new pricing structure, the great majority of tests on our menu are now priced at or below $990. 

Panel Tests at PreventionGenetics

PreventionGenetics offers two types of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) panels: those based on capture probes designed and synthesized specifically for PreventionGenetics (PG-Select), and those based on the whole exome sequencing (PGxome®-based).  A comparison of the two types of NGS panels is presented in the following Table.


PG-Select Panels

PGxome-based Panels

Number of Genes

< 100 genes

Up to ALL clinically relevant genes


Slightly lower cost

Slightly higher cost


Some Sanger backfill generally included to increase coverage

Sanger backfill optional using PGxome custom panels tool to increase coverage

Exome Reflex Available?




Order any subset of genes in panel, no cost to reflex to full panel

Order any subset of genes in PGxome, costs vary

CNV Analysis Included?



  *see individual test descriptions for coverage and CNV details 
PG-Select Panels 
Pricing for most PG-Select Panels:

Numbers of Genes






These prices include limited Sanger backfill of regions not covered by NGS.  Typical coverage after Sanger backfill of the total coding and immediate flanking regions is in the range of 98-100%. PreventionGenetics currently has approximately 200 PG-Select panels. Additional PG-Select panels are under development.  Detailed information, including coverage information for individual panels can be found on our test description webpages.  We also offer sequencing of any subset of genes in any of the panels, including single genes.  For a few panels which include genes present in multiple copies per genome (paralogous genes), special testing methods are required. These panels are priced slightly higher than indicated in the Table.

PGxome-based Panels

Pricing for PGxome-based Panels:

Numbers of Genes


Price for Reflex to PGxome














See test descriptions for prices


For PGxome-based panels, we offer the ability to reflex to exome for the indicated prices.  CNV analysis is offered as a routine component of all of these panels. Sanger backfill is available to approach 100% coverage of coding regions and ~10bp of flanking sequence. To determine price of panels including Sanger backfill, please use the enhance feature of our PGxome Custom Panels tool.  Using our custom panels tool, any subset of the ~4,300 clinically-relevant genes may be ordered.  We also offer a rapidly growing number of predefined exome-based panels. For a full list of panel tests, click here.

Hereditary Cancer Predisposition

Most of our hereditary cancer predisposition panels are priced $540-590. See our full list of  cancer panels for more information.

Targeted Variants

PreventionGenetics offers the following options for targeted sequencing based testing for nearly all clinically relevant genes. For more information, see our targeted testing page. 

# of Variants








Prenatal 1-3




Ordering Tests

We encourage clients to order tests and to receive test reports through myPrevent, PreventionGenetics’ online ordering portal. Learning to use the portal is straightforward.  We will be pleased to walk your personnel through the process. To request a portal demo, please contact us.