Employee Spotlight: MDA Summer Camp

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A proud supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, PreventionGenetics sponsored an employee to volunteer at MDA Summer Camp. MDA Summer Camp is a weeklong camp held across the United States designed for kids diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and related diseases. Campers are able to participate in a variety of camp activities including zip lining, swimming, paintball, bonfires, fishing, mini golf, a carnival, and much more! MDA Summer Camp provides campers with an opportunity to gain independence and fosters lifelong friendships with fellow campers at no cost to the families. 

Laurie, a technician in the microarray lab at PreventionGenetics, volunteered to serve on the Camp Program Staff Team. The Program Staff Team was tasked with ensuring campers had all the materials needed to fully enjoy the numerous camp activities. MDA Summer Camp was a perfect fit for Laurie, who was looking for an opportunity to give back through volunteering. She applied because she likes kids and being goofy and because camp seemed like it was going to be a fun and meaningful experience. According to Laurie, everyone was on the go from the very first day. The campers arrived excited and ready to meet new friends. She noted the campers didn’t let anything slow them down, and their counselors had to work hard to keep up with them! 

PreventionGenetics offers tests for various types of muscular dystrophy; however, our employees usually do not have the opportunity to interact with the patients and families that benefit from our testing services.  Laurie shared that connecting with the kids at MDA Summer Camp gave her a different understanding of how a diagnosis can affect a person. She reflected, “I would draft a positive report before and think how it would affect that patient on a scientific level. Camp has made what I do in the lab at PreventionGenetics more personal.”  Although Laurie really enjoyed the entire camp experience, if she had to pick one favorite camp activity, it was the dance. She loved dancing and singing with the campers. Laurie added seeing all the kids dressed up in costumes, enjoying the music, and having a blast was a special part of the week.