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Catering to a patient’s specific and unique needs is essential to establish a trusted, personal relationship. Patients deeply value these relationships, especially if their current or future health is uncertain. PreventionGenetics recognizes your commitment to patients. As PreventionGenetics continues to expand and improve our test menu and services, we offer our Custom Panels to meet the unique needs of your patients. PreventionGenetics’ Custom Panels are one of the most dynamic test options in the market.

PreventionGenetics Custom Panels

PreventionGenetics Custom Sequencing Panels are whole exome based and completely customizable to fit your patient’s specific needs.

What you can do with PreventionGenetics’ Custom Panel Tool:

      Choose from over 5,000 clinically relevant genes.

      Sequencing and copy number variant (CNV) analysis is included via NGS data.

      No added cost when genes span multiple clinical areas.

      Choose from >200  starter panels or add a list of genes.

      Create and save ‘Favorite Panels’.

      Enhance selected genes with Sanger backfill.

      Reflex to whole exome for a reduced cost if panel is negative or inconclusive.

      Aid in future management of other clinical features.

      Save healthcare dollars by eliminating the need for additional tests.

Pricing & Billing

Pricing is determined by the number of genes ordered and the number of Enhance options selected. Cost for the Enhance option varies by gene, depending on the amount of laboratory work needed to achieve full coverage or address paralogy issues. As your custom panel is being built, the cost will be updated in real-time.

Number of Genes Ordered

Total Price (before Enhance)

Reflex to Exome














$2,490* call for price


If you desire insurance billing and investigation of benefits prior to sending the patient’s specimen, this order form can be printed and faxed to us with a completed Benefit Investigation Request Form. Otherwise, for general information about our billing policy, click here.

Additional Information

      The great majority of PreventionGenetics Custom Panels are completed within 24 days.

      If testing is for a fetus in an ongoing pregnancy, please Contact Us.

      Our Enhance option utilizes Sanger sequencing to approach 100% coverage of coding regions for our default transcript.

      The Enhance option is available for many genes and forced for genes that have non-unique coding sequence (paralogy).

      Cost for Enhance option varies by gene.

      Custom Panels include CNV analysis via NGS data.

For additional information and limitations, see our Custom Panel page or email us.

PreventionGenetics Custom Panels – Your test, Your way!