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DNA Banking: An Investment Worth Making

DNA Banking: A Family Investment

PreventionGenetics offers affordable DNA Banking for everyone both inside and outside of the United States. Unlike current costs for clinical genetic testing, DNA Banking is a low cost option that enables families to take advantage of future advances in technology including possible lower costs for testing.

DNA Banking Kits and Brochures are completely free. We will cover the cost of sending DNA Banking Kits to you, and if you live within the United States, we will also cover the return shipping cost. If you live outside of the United States, then we do not cover return shipping cost(s).

We charge a one-time fee of $169.00 to bank an individual's DNA. Families receive a discount when multiple members bank at once. A family that banks 2-4 of its member's DNA is charged a fee of $159.00 per member. A family that banks 5 or more of its member's DNA is charged $149.00 per member. If a Depositor is also having clinical DNA testing performed at PreventionGenetics, the cost of DNA Banking is only $98.00. To receive the discounted prices, the family member's samples need to be sent together, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Payment may be made by enclosing a check or money order payable to PreventionGenetics with your signed DNA Banking Agreement form or by filling out the credit card information (MasterCard or Visa only) on the Billing Information page of the form. There are no additional fees, such as annual storage fees.

In the rare event that PreventionGenetics can't extract DNA from your blood sample, another DNA Banking Kit will be provided and no additional fee will be charged by us.

PreventionGenetics will not cover any cost(s) to have blood drawn.