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There are many important reasons to consider genetic testing such as preventing and reducing the health concerns associated with heritable disease, ending a diagnostic odyssey, and assisting in reproductive planning or pregnancy management.

At PreventionGenetics, we specialize in high quality genetic testing. "Getting the tests right" has always been our first priority. Our CLIA and ISO 15189-accredited lab offers sequencing tests for nearly 4,000 genes. We have the largest DNA test menu of any lab in America.

All of our tests must be ordered by a qualified healthcare provider. We are not a direct to consumer laboratory. Our team of genetic counselors and geneticists are happy to work with your healthcare provider to find the most appropriate test for you.

Below are a few tips to consider.

Desire genetic testing?

Make an appointment with your doctor or find a genetic counselor to discuss your concerns.

Search our website and print the Test Description for the relevant test.

Order a Test Kit from our website.

Preparing for your doctor or genetic counseling visit

Document your family health history, which is an important part of your genetic health.

Bank DNA for your family

DNA banking is the simple and affordable process of securely storing an individual's DNA for use by the next generation. DNA can be banked at any time during a person's life but it is particularly urgent for the elderly and terminally ill. Once a person is embalmed or cremated, it is difficult or impossible to obtain DNA that is suitable for clinical testing. Banking DNA is a major step to securing a healthy future for your family.

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