Reasons to Bank

Why Should I Bank My DNA?

There are many excellent reasons to bank your DNA including the following:

  1. You are looking for a simple and inexpensive step to preserve your genetic legacy to benefit your family and future generations. Banking a parent or grandparent's DNA now can give your children and grandchildren access to information in the future that can help them better understand their own risk for disease.
  2. You have a specific health condition and are concerned that other family members might be at risk for the same problem.
  3. Current technology has failed to find a genetic cause for what appears to be an inherited disease in your family.
  4. Correct interpretation of DNA test results in a family member may only be possible through testing of your own DNA.
  5. You have a terminal illness and there is no time for standard genetic evaluation or testing.
  6. Genetic testing is not feasible, affordable, and/or not available to you as an affected individual right now, but may be available in the future.
  7. You, as a parent, want to bank your own DNA, as well as your child's, should something happen to him/her in the future. Banked DNA can provide source material for identification of missing persons or remains should that become necessary.

Store your DNA now using our online DNA Banking system to ensure it is available for analysis later on - when you may no longer be around. Genetic testing will become more informative, more reliable, and more accessible to everyone!