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DNA Banking Kits

Our DNA Banking kits are easy-to-use and free

Free, Easy-To-Use DNA Banking Kits

Our DNA Banking Kits come with all of the items that are necessary to ship a sample back to PreventionGenetics. Shipping is completely free if you are located within the United States. While we do accept DNA from international sources, we do not offer pre-paid return shipping outside of the United States.

Inside of every DNA Banking Kit you will find a collection tube, a shipping container, and a complete set of instructions. Pre-paid return postage will also be included in the kit if you are within the United States. If you are located outside of the United States then you will be responsible for the return shipment cost(s).

PreventionGenetics does not provide any instruments to collect a blood sample as medical professionals are best equipped to collect quality samples. As a result, you will likely be charged a fee to have your blood drawn.