Summary Measures of Quality

As of August 24, 2016

  • One error over 12 years of laboratory operation out of ~10,000 Proficiency Tests, both external and internal. For individual gene sequencing tests and panel sequencing tests, we count each exon as a Proficiency Test.
  • Comparison of our Sanger sequencing to NextGen Sequence Data:

Four errors out of 19.5 Mb sequenced (~7,400 sequence variants) (all four errors were the result of allele dropout during PCR).

  • Comparison of our NextGen sequencing to Sanger sequence data and to NextGen sequence data from other labs:

One error out of 7.0 Mb sequenced (~9,800 sequence variants).

Ten specimen labeling errors out of ~45,000 opportunities, but only one of which led to an incorrect report.