DNA Banking

We have stopped accepting new samples as of December 30, 2023. We will continue to store specimens in the bank per our contracts for any sample received before that date.


Though we have stopped accepting samples for DNA Banking you can still find withdrawal and representative/depositor change forms here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bank closing?

DNA banking was started in the early 2000s when genetic testing was in its infancy and many conditions lacked testing options. DNA banking allowed for individuals to securely store their DNA to be used when testing advanced. Today, genomic testing is available at PreventionGenetics, and we can reanalyze past sequencing results as our knowledge increases. New emerging NGS technologies will likely require long DNA fragments as input, which is not supported by PreventionGenetics' current DNA extraction methodology. This makes extracted DNA best suited for the NGS technology we are currently using. Genomic sequencing data can be used in the future for reanalysis; that ability, along with an Extract and Hold option allow flexibility in future DNA diagnostics.

How long will you be accepting samples for DNA Banking?

We will no longer accept new samples after December 30, 2023.

Can you offer an extension beyond December 30, 2023 for an extenuating circumstance?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer an extension. If we do not receive a sample matching an order by December 30, 2023, we will refund the order. Going forward, we will offer healthcare professionals the ability to Extract and Hold a sample ahead of a clinical test order for $300, which will be credited to any future PreventionGenetics' test if performed within one year.

What will happen to the samples that are currently banked?

We will continue to store banked DNA samples per the contractual terms of the DNA Banking Agreement.

Why has the kits order function been disabled?

Since we are not accepting samples after December 30, 2023, and the general turnaround time for a kit to be returned is 2-3 weeks, we have disabled our DNA banking kit request forms.

Who have we notified about the changes to our banking services?

We are proactively contacting healthcare professionals who have banked DNA samples with us in the last year.

Is there another DNA Bank that we could use?

We are unaware of other DNA biobanks. At PreventionGenetics we do believe in helping patients and families access the genetic testing that they need. While not a replacement for the long-term storage of DNA, our Extract and Hold service may be an option that fits the needs of some providers/patients.

What if I need to withdraw an existing sample in the DNA bank or provide updated information?

We will maintain forms for such purposes.

How can I get more information?

Please contact us us with questions or concerns.