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Since PreventionGenetics was founded in 2004, the company has steadily expanded and is a market leader in clinical DNA testing, DNA banking, and research genomics.  This success is attributed to our hard working employees - our work family.  


Although we consider all our employees to be a part of our family, some employees actually are biologically related.  Currently there are three sets of siblings employed at PreventionGenetics.  While some do not work directly together throughout the day, others do work very closely.  For these employees their co-worker is not just a friend, but a person with a bond that cannot be matched.


The Benzschawel Sisters


Left to Right: Julie, Marie, Kim


Marie, our Assistant Microarray Laboratory Manager, began working at PreventionGenetics over five years ago, and more recently, two of her sisters began working here as well.  Kim, a Clinical DNA Testing Laboratory Technician, started a little over a year ago, and even more recently, Julie, began her summer undergraduate internship.


Starting a new job can be challenging, which is why both Kim and Julie noted they have found comfort in knowing there is at least one person each can turn to with any questions.  Knowing someone you’ll be working with can help ease nerves and help individuals adapt to their new work environment more quickly.  Julie added, “I love that if I have any questions I can just go to them (Marie and Kim).  It made it easier when I started because I knew someone that works here.”


In addition to the fact that a sibling may be a friend at work, it can also help create a great team. Even though all three sisters work in different parts of the lab, they occasionally are able to work together. When they do work as a team, their history and understanding of how the other one thinks helps them within the lab.


“It’s easier working with them (Kim and Julie) because we know each other’s thought process, mannerisms, and work ethic.  It takes a lot of the misinterpretation out of the equation and makes explaining concepts and processes easier,” said Marie, and both Kim and Julie agreed.  Their history has helped them work more efficiently.


The Olson’s


Allysa and Adam Olson


Marshfield natives and siblings, Adam and Allysa Olson, can now add “co-workers” to describe their relationship.  While these two do not directly work together, Adam is a Clinical DNA Testing Laboratory Technician and Allysa is a Genetic Counseling Assistant, each agreed that working for the same company allotted them a certain comfort they would otherwise not have.  One bonus being the ease of communication; both mentioned it’s nice if they ever need to get ahold of one another, they only need to take a few steps.


“Although I do not work directly with my sister, we are very much in contact about our day-to-day activities.  It has been nice entering a new position where you have a point of contact that is more familiar with the workplace operations,” noted Adam, who joined our team roughly three months ago. Being able to communicate with Allysa about work has helped Adam adapt more quickly.


This new experience, tied in with their history, has allowed them both to bond more over their similar careers. Allysa, who has been a GCA for almost two years, agreed, “I like working at PreventionGenetics with Adam because it is something that we share in our lives.” Allysa will be starting Genetic Counseling school at UW-Madison this fall.


Adam added, “The family bond we’ve had growing up has transitioned into the workplace, allowing us to utilize that level of understanding for the benefit of ourselves and the company.”


Our Work Family

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Our PreventionGenetics family consists of talented and enthusiastic individuals, highly experienced and knowledgeable.  Here’s a few fun facts about our people:

  • We employ over 150 employees who are involved with dozens of community organizations.

  • Over 55% of our employees hold bachelor degrees and another 30% hold advanced degrees

  • Our employees have been involved with genetics education through several forums including STEM programs, high schools, job shadows, and university courses

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