New Features and Benefits of PGxomeⓇ Custom Panels 

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PGxome Custom Panels are PreventionGenetics’ whole exome-based sequencing panels that are fully customizable to fit your patients’ personalized needs. Any subset of nearly 5,000 clinically relevant genes on our test menu may be chosen. Reduced pricing, added features, and flexible test building options enhance quality and value for you and your patients. The innovative approach of PGxome Custom Panels provides a new level of flexibility in genetic testing.

Recently Reduced Pricing

Through improved lab procedures, PreventionGenetics is making genetic testing even more affordable while keeping quality our first priority. As you build a panel using our PGxome Custom Panel Tool, the cost of the panel will be updated in real-time as you add, remove, or enhance genes. 

Pricing for PGxome-based Panels:

  Numbers of Genes   Price*   Price to Reflex to PGxome
  1-50   $890   $1,600
  51-100   $990   $1,500
  101-200   $1,240   $1,250
  201-500   $1,490   $990
  >500  See test descriptions for prices   $990

 *Costs for enhancing genes not included in tiered pricing, please see our Custom Panels Tool for pricing when building a panel with enhanced genes.

For PGxome Custom Panels, we offer the ability to reflex to exome for the indicated prices. We are committed to providing comprehensive, high quality, and affordable genetic testing, while saving healthcare dollars through utilization management strategies. Therefore, if pricing reaches the cost of PGxome test, you will be prompted to decide whether to proceed with the PGxome Custom Panel you have created or convert your order to a PGxome test. 

Added Features 

Quality and value set our PGxome Custom Panels apart.  

  • Copy number variant (CNV) analysis via NGS data is automatically included, increasing clinical utility.
  • Our Enhance feature utilizes Sanger sequencing to approach 100% coverage of coding regions and ~10bp of flanking sequence. It is available for many genes and mandatory for genes that may have non-unique coding sequence (paralogy).  
  • The great majority of PGxome Custom Panels are completed within 26 days. 
  • Our “My Favorite Panels” button allows you to reuse panels you have favorited or previously ordered. 
  • The PGxome Custom Panels Tool includes notes to provide transparency (i.e. for repeat expansion disorders, etc.).
Flexible Test Building Options 

Our PGxome Custom Panels Tool has simplified building a custom panel to save you valuable time. A custom panel may be built one of two ways. 

  1. PGxome Custom Panels can be built by searching for a phenotype cluster or gene using the HUGO gene name. You can also search phenotype clusters from our twelve established categories including for example Cancer Genetics and Cardiovascular Disorders. By clicking the “Full Phenotype Cluster List” you are able to view all of our preset phenotype clusters. The phenotype-driven starter panels were created to provide an easier ordering process. The genes in these panels will be updated periodically by our laboratory. You can customize your test by adding or deleting genes to better meet your patient’s needs. 
  2. If you already have a list of genes determined, just use the “Add a list of genes here” feature. By clicking the “Add Gene List” button, all genes listed will be added to your order.

For further PGxome Custom Panel building instructions click here.

Test Ordering Options

Once your gene list is complete, there are two options available for completing your order.  

  1. Complete the order within our online test ordering portal, myPrevent.  
  2. Add a patient identifier in the top right box to print a hardcopy of your order to send in with your Test Requisition Form, ordering Test Code #6000.

We encourage clients to order tests and to receive test reports through myPrevent. Learning to use the portal is straightforward.  We will be pleased to walk you through the process. To request a portal demo, please contact us.


Your panel, your way. Put us to the test: PGxome® Custom Panels.